Automotive Paint Protection

Automotive Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is an extremely flexible clear layer of urethane, computer cut to the shape of your vehicle. The film forms a clear, tough protective barrier that prevents damage from rocks, sand, and bugs. XPEL is the leading producer of paint protection films and their computerized templates allow us to cut kits that fit the shape of your vehicle.

Protect Your Vehicle

Protect your hood, fender, mirrors and bumper. This is where most road damage occurs. We have options to do a full wrap on your hood for the ultimate in protection or partial kits for just the leading edge of the hood.

A brand new vehicle should be protected before road damage occurs. It only takes one rock thrown from the tire of a passing vehicle to impact your paint job hard enough to chip the paint. Once chipped that area is prone to rust. Vehicles with minor damage already present can still benefit from this product.

Prevent damage and maintain your vehicles look and resale value.